Golf Lessons near me, taught by PGA Professionals at PGA Golf Club

Get Golf Ready

Get Golf Ready, the name says it all. No one falls out of bed ready to play the game. Getting golf ready isn’t nearly as hard, or as easy as you might think. A little help goes a long way.

Five group lessons for $120 take you from the first lesson to the first tee—ready.

In just a few short lessons Get Golf Ready teaches you what you need to know to play and enjoy playing golf. Remove the unknowns. Know what to expect and how to act. Your playing partners will thank you for knowing proper etiquette, pace of play and all the little things that make a round of golf enjoyable for everyone.

PGA and LPGA Professionals show you that there are lots of ways to play our game, by combining fun, camaraderie and golf fitness. Each session focuses on the various golf skills you’ll need to play and practice with a purpose. In addition to learning the basics, you’re introduced to the golf course, putting in play all that you’ve practiced. This guided application of the fundamentals on course is so important to ensure your first experiences are all good. We want you to come back.

There is no equipment needed to Get Golf Ready!

In 5 lessons you learn:

  • Proper warm up & stretching
  • How to hold the club
  • How to prepare mentally & physically to take a swing
  • How to get the ball closer to the hole — chipping, pitching & other shots from short distances
  • How to care for the course
  • Getting comfortable with the full swing
  • How to use your irons to get the ball in the air & onto the green
  • The “lingo,” terms like fairway, rough, tee box, green, divot & bunker
  • How to hit driver & other ‘big’ clubs – hitting the longer shots
  • Starting play from the correct tee markers —TEE IT FORWARD for more fun
  • Tips for playing in groups, on teams & other fun ways to play
  • Course navigation, card driving & riding
  • Review of the rules & keeping score
  • More opportunities for you to come back & play golf

Join our Get Golf Ready & Return to Golf Programs at PGA Golf Club!

If you have ever thought about playing golf, then Get Golf Ready is for you. Whether you are a beginner at golf or returning to the game. Get Golf Ready and Return to Golf Programs are designed to teach you to be “On Course” Ready in 5 Lessons.   The fifth session of every series is a fun event that takes place on the Short Course,  bringing together students from the different classes and providing a chance to use your skills in a mini golf outing atmosphere.


This is the ideal stress-free introduction to golf. You will learn everything you need to know to gain confidence and start to feel comfortable playing golf.  This course is intended for beginners with little to no golf experience at all.


This course takes the graduates of Get Golf Ready I and continues to build on your existing experience and introduce elements of the long game.   The swing techniques will be explained in more detail and help you improve your ball striking consistency, which will further increase the enjoyment of the game.


Are you a golfer returning to the game?  Then “Return to Golf I” is for YOU! The popularity of golf has drawn a lot of golfers back to the game. This course is specifically designed to help “wipe off the rust” for those who are returning to golf after a long break.  The focus is on short game, although all aspects will be covered. One session is targeted to be on the “golf course”, based on course availability.

Friday  July 7th & July 14th



If you’ve participated in Return to Golf I,  then “Return To Golf II” is for YOU!  This course is designed for Return To Golf I graduates and gives participants the chance to make more detailed improvements to their full swing mechanics. It will help you regain confidence off the tee, as well as continue to reap the benefits of having an effective short game.

Friday June 23rd & 30th



The Practice Club is open to golfers of all of skill levels. The focus will be on improving all aspects of your game by determining what elements of your game need the most work, correcting mistakes with proper use of your practice time, while making practice more fun!

Please check back for future dates