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Full Day Experience

The 1-Day Golf School is for golfers of any skill level that would like a comprehensive analysis of their game. With a full day we can diagnose the areas that need the most improvement and also review fundamental concepts. Using the latest technology we can get to the root of the inconsistencies and begin to make the changes that are needed. Access to a world class practice facility for a full day allows us to create scenarios that come up on the course. Each student will have their own voice over video lesson sent to them with a plan for long term improvement.

5 Instructional Hours (starting at 8:30am)

Student Teacher Ratio of 2:1

Voice over Video lesson

Practice Plan

Follow-up lesson review

Course access at PGA GC or St. Lucie Trail GC
*Access to the Resort designated course only

Lunch at the Taplow Pub

$599 per student