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3 Day Experience

The 3-Day Golf School is a unique opportunity to get a deeper examination of your game and how to build the skills to shoot lower scores. During this school we will diagnose swing issues, develop a short game strategy, work on skill building and implementing a practice plan. The latest technologies in ball flight measurement, video analysis, pressure mapping, and other aids are used to expedite the improvement process and shorten the learning curve. The playing lesson portion gives us time to see how the golfers’ current strategies are working, or if they need to be adjusted, or a new game plan altogether needs to be adopted. The student will leave this school with an in depth knowledge of all aspects of their game and what is really important to their improvement. They will no longer be distracted by theories and ideas that will leave them searching for answers. Once a personalized game plan is in place you can begin to make significant advances in performance. These students also benefit from process of diagnosing areas that need work, utilizing different learning strategies to make changes, and the proper supervision while implementing the new game plan. All data collected and a detailed voice over video is sent to the student discussing swing changes, short game strategies, and practice plans.

5 Instructional Hours each day (starting at 8:30am)

On course playing lesson

Student Teacher Ratio of 2:1

Golf Club Evaluation

Voice over Video lesson

Practice Plan

Follow-up lesson review

Daily course access at PGA GC or St. Lucie Trail GC
*Access to the Resort designated course only

Lunch at the Taplow Pub

$1,797 per student