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2 Day Experience

The 2-Day Golf School is for golfers of any skill level that are looking to take their game to the next level. To do this we need the time to diagnose the areas that are hurting the scores the most, gain an understanding of the changes that need to occur, and implement the plan for improvement. The on course portion of the 2 day program allows the instructor and student to discuss situations that come up on the course and how to manage them. As with the other schools, the latest technology is used to diagnose problems but it is also used to aid in the improvement process. This time frame also allows for a more in depth short game session on a world class practice area.   In addition, a basic club evaluation can be made to determine if there any clubs that should not be in the bag. Your instructor will send you videos of your swing with detailed description of the work that need to be done. Along with any other data may be captured.

5 Instructional Hours each day (starting at 8:30am)

On course playing lesson

Student Teacher Ratio of 2:1

Voice over Video lesson

Practice Plan

Follow-up lesson review

Daily course access at PGA GC or St. Lucie Trail GC
*Access to the Resort designated course only

Lunch at the Taplow Pub

$1,198 per student