Patrick Brosnihan, PGA - PGA | Center for Golf Learning & Performance


Patrick Brosnihan, PGA

Certified Teaching Professional

Operations Manager


  • Associates Degree - Quinsigamond College – Worcester, MA
  • PGA Member - Elected in 2005
  • PGA Certified Teaching & Coaching

Professional Experience

  • Head Golf Professional - Martin Downs Country Club in Stuart, FL
  • Assistant Golf Professional - Philadelphia Country Club Gladwyne, PA

Patrick has over twenty years of teaching experience with a clientele ranging from juniors and beginners to professional players. He has a deep understanding of the golf swing and has the ability to communicate that understanding to golfers of all skill levels. He doesn’t believe in one single methodology; he studies every technique to be able to help every golfer, no matter their ability, size flexibility, learning style, and age. He does stress building a fundamentally sound foundation; a good grip, correct posture, and proper alignment to the target which allows the student to progress faster and enjoy the game more. Patrick’s goal is to not only help you play better, but to understand why. He wants his students to have knowledge to be able to ultimately self-correct when away from the lesson tee. Patrick has been a. A native of Leicester MA, Patrick has been PGA Member of the South Florida Section of the PGA of America since 2000.