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Club Fittings

The PGA Center for Golf Learning and Performance brings you one of the area’s only complete customization, repair and performance club-fitting shops.

Club repair

Shorten or lengthen clubs & putters

Adjust lie and loft

Grip installation

Shaft replacement


Performance consulting

Fitness & Performance Center

The PGA Fitness and Performance Center is a purpose-equipped golf strength, fitness and balance training facility.   Accessible with PGA Learning Center Membership or Daily Pass.  Work with Performance Coach Tommey Lyons on any of the programs below, or personalized program.

Dynamic Focus Golf Performance Programs 

Individual Sessions: 1 on 1 experience where we get to identify your goals, intentions, and expectations and chart a course to meet them.

Evaluations Include: Postural Assessment, Dynamic Movement Assessments, Swing Assessment, Shoulder Mobility, Hip Mobility, Pelvic Stability, Lower Body Separation, Balance and full Neuromuscular Coordination.  Following the assessment, we will discuss findings and corrective strategies to address the issues.

6 Week Pro: Designed for Professionals and Aspiring Professionals.  I will sit in a session with you and your Swing Coach and help identify areas that can improve and help develop a strategy for a swing that fits your current movement profile.  From there we will assess and correct movement dysfunction and strengthen the desired movement patterns identified by your Coach.  In Weeks 4 and 6 of the program we will revisit with the Swing Coach.  This program is recommended for individuals looking to develop their athleticism, strength, power, and endurance.

Juniors: Movement assessments, corrective exercise, and strength and Conditioning available in a safe and fun environment that will introduce a fitness lifestyle to young golfers.

Shorter Sessions:  These sessions are designed for people who don’t have an hour to commit to personal sessions but still require more specific attention for the attainment of goals.

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